One-Eyed Jack

You might remember a week or two ago that I spoke about one-eyed Jack, the old possum that lives here on the property. Because he is so aged and almost blind, he forages night or day, digging for corbi grubs in the grass and smelling out anything remotely edible.

He seemed quite happy but we were sure he could do with a little help.

Last week we pulled apart the ‘cat gym’ in the lounge room to make way for more book cases.

In the centre of the gym was a lovely furry cubbyhole, just the right size for a possum. Robert decided to take it over to a sheltered spot quite near the house. I doubted Jack would like it, seeing as cats had spent a fair amount of time in there.

I was wrong. Jack took to it like the proverbial duck to water, grateful it seemed for a warm, dry spot.

Each afternoon now he gets free home delivery of a small snack of fruits and vegetables.

At first he would not come out – you could just hear an appreciative crunching of apple or carrot in the back corner of his new ‘den’. However, slowly but surely he has been losing his fear of us.

Now just this afternoon he came just a little out the front opening to welcome his afternoon tidbits, poor darling.

It may sound corny I know, but it’s really special to have such a lovely old fellow like Jack enjoying a little creature comfort towards the end of his days.

However we’re hoping that his improved diet will ensure that he has quite a while to live here yet.


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