Spring on the Way in the Valley

Almost another busy week passed by on the ‘farm’ with a hint of spring int he air.

One eyed Jack the possum has settled in well, becoming quite accustomed to his changed circumstances. Each afternoon he saunters up to his cubby house and waits patiently for his dinner to arrive – a mixture of fruit and vegetables with a little something protein.

I think he’s learned to tell the time, he’s very punctual and waits patiently, in good company with the dozens of chooks and ducks waiting for their afternoon wheat.

A neighbour has filled in a little extra detail of Jack’s back-history. As I think I mentioned, Jack was often seen, day and night, wandering down the middle of the road.

Our neighbour one afternoon found him asleep standing up, on the verge near our gate. He got out of the car to check he was alright. He nudged him gently just to be sure. Jack opened his one eye and looked up at him blearily, then went straight back to sleep, same spot, same stance.

It’s becoming very obvious that the fortified lamb and ewe pellets that Robert has been feeding the sheep to supplement their diet have done wonders for Ramekin also. This week Doris gave birth to twins. Oh dear – but despite the intense cold, frost and rain, they are thriving. She’s a good mum, even though she’s very old now.


Today, after a big shop for a photo shoot here next week, Robert is back at his bottling – cider this time. Don’t think anyone is going to go thirsty here in a hurry.


The indoor pets of course spend their days at leisure, Truffles unfailingly asleep beside me on the desk where I work; old Tom in his bean bag, and Rosie and Poppy following Robert wherever he goes.


It’s just another lovely week in the Valley……

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