Another book on the way

Let the games begin – or rather the photo shoot. Tomorrow we start a 4 day photo shoot of recipes for my new cookbook, to be released in March 2017.

No prizes for guessing the subject matter of this one, the picture tells it all – it’s another slow cooker book!


There are more than a hundred completely new recipes that I’ve tried and tested and re-tested over the past few months.  I’ve twisted and tweaked them until I am certain all the dishes are really delicious.

As you can see, there are plenty of slow cookers standing at the ready.

Some are scraped, battered and worn, a couple even dating back decades to when our older children were babies. They were my lifesavers, enabling me to get dinner on the table with comparative ease each day.

There was one casualty from all the recent testing, so sad – it was one of my favourites. It slipped from my clumsy fingers and landed upside down on the floor. It deserved a better end, it had done a lot of work in its time.


And so to bed. To say it’s an early start tomorrow is a bit of an understatement – the first dish needs to be ready for photography by 9am.

More than ten recipes a day for the next four days …. hmmm. Should be a lot of fun though, a little hectic perhaps…..

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