The other (half) book

Meanwhile ….. on the HarperCollins website, the cover has been revealed for the other publication – the book that ABC’s Paul McIntyre and I have written together.

This is not, of course, related in any way to my next cookbook “Ultimate Slow Cooker” of the past week’s frenetic photo shoot activity.

Paul and I are absolutely delighted with the cover image for our book. It’s a little something different, an extension beyond cooking with wonderful lifestyle pieces written by the very talented Paul.

Here is that cover image – hope you like it as much as we do. Many thanks to our publisher for coming up with such a great design for us, truly reflective of the theme of the book.


Here are the publisher’s comments about the book:

“How to slow down, live more mindfully and savour the simple joys of life Part nostalgia, part how-to guide, The Little Book of Slow offers practical suggestions, recipes and more for making delicious food from scratch and cultivating meaningful activities and pastimes. Bestselling cookbook author Sally Wise teams up with radio personality Paul McIntyre to help you slow your life down, relax and de-stress with vintage inspiration from a more leisurely time. Discover how to make your own bread, pickles and preserves, fresh cheeses and yoghurt. Pack the perfect picnic, cook over a campfire or host a vintage-style high tea. Or be inspired to take up slow hobbies and pastimes like beachcombing, collecting vinyl, playing boardgames or cards and holding dinner parties.”

This book is due for release late January/early February 2017.

(“Ultimate Slow Cooker” release date is March 2017).

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