Four Days of Mayhem

So the photo shoot for “Ultimate Slow Cooker” has come to an end, all done and dusted by late yesterday. Including accompaniments, 70 items were prepared in all (I just counted), styled and photographed within the 4 days.

All credit to the great team who brought this together. Chris Crerar the photographer was amazing as usual, as was super food stylist Charlotte Bell.

Robert must indeed be commended for the mountains of washing up he attended to (I’m ashamed to say the ends of his fingers have suffered badly), and Stephanie for her assistance with prep and anything else that needed attention.

I really miss all the fun and laughter of those 4 days, though perhaps not so much the 4am getting out of bed to start the slow cooker dishes to be ready for photography by 9am.

I had no time or opportunity to take a photo of the mess I managed to create on the benches during the proceedings. Just as well I think – it was surely a sight to behold, and not of the most attractive kind.

These two photos show some of Charlotte’s props for the food styling – a truly wonderful collection that made for some stunning photos, especially when combined with Charlotte’s creativity.


The other photo is of the kitchen, quiet and bare again, looks almost forlorn.


It won’t stay quiet for long though – there’s a Preserves class here tomorrow morning so there will be plenty of activity once more.

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