The Launch of Little Book of Slow

As already stated a blog or two ago, the launch of “the Little Book of Slow” by Paul McIntyre and myself is imminent. Everyone who reads this post is invited of course – just RSVP to Fullers so we have an idea of numbers.

The launch is to take place on February 2nd at Fullers bookshop Hobart, at 5.30pm.

Some, but not all of course, are aware that Paul and I occasionally take a day’s road trip together. Can you guess where we are here from this photo?


These trips are always great fun, a chance to mull things over and think about future projects together.

We enjoyed a fantastic seafood lunch (another clue to our location) as well as the best lime spider I have tasted since I was a child, and Paul a similarly magnificent old-fashioned chocolate milkshake.


On this particular day trip, we spent much time discussing the upcoming book launch. Before too long we had decided that we would make the Fullers event a little something special.

A High Tea theme seemed fitting, as this is one of the chapters in my section of the book. Paul has written a wonderful chapter on Brewing the Perfect Pot of Tea, so he will be ‘mother’, pouring from pretty teapots for all who come along on the night.

This means cups and saucers would be needed (no paper cups for perfect tea at this affair). I have a few, Paul also, but definitely we came up wanting in this department.

However, along the route of our road trip were a number of op shops, which were soon all relieved of their entire stock of cups and saucers (and purchased for a mere song I might add).

They range from delicate and delightful to somewhat retro. Great fun we had in their selection as you can imagine. We were able to find teapots too – and a milk jug or two, plus a lovely glass jug.


As a bonus, I was able to buy a simply wonderful hat and Paul a spectacular shirt.

By the time I arrived home, my car boot resembled a jumble sale – but all to a good purpose.

20170117_173234A wonderful friend just now called in for coffee and scones. She saw our newly acquired ‘special’ collection of cups and saucers, now neatly set out on the table here. “I have some more you can borrow,” she said. Brilliant.

And so we are now set to implement our plan. Paul and I have worked out the menu, which of course we will bake with our own hands (look out for Paul’s simply sensational lemon slice and lamingtons!) There will be scones with fresh made jams and cream and other tasty little treats to sample.

For those who don’t like tea, there will be iced fruit drinks, prepared with the cordial syrups I have been making with delicious Derwent Valley berries over the past weeks.

And so to all who read this, do come and join us. Paul and I are so happy to be releasing this book together – a handy and thoughtful guide on how to live more mindfully and meaningfully in today’s busy world, with simple suggestions (and recipes) on how to do so.


2 thoughts on “The Launch of Little Book of Slow

  1. scott says:

    We did much the same thing (on a smaller scale, visiting just 2 op-shops) for my daughters 10th birthday back in December and each of her friends got to take home their chosen cup a saucer after the party, and way better than lolly bags!

    You launch sound like it will be great fun… just a bit far to come from Geelong to join you sorry.

    Best wishes


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