Apricots and Greengages

Another day of bottling – nothing to complain about there. I was able to acquire more apricots – Moor Parks of course, only 5kg but I’ll take what I can get. They are in my opinion, the best of the best and the only ones I like ton use. Here they are prettily lined up on the window ledge waiting for their syrup, lids and clips.

20170124_113606Then there were the remaining greengages to be dealt with. There was a slight red alert when we thought we’d run out of lids, but some serious rummaging under the house and in the shed turned up several dozen more, so all was well in the end.

20170124_114656Now greengages, whilst they are delicious bottled, do not normally taste like greengages after processing. I never can work out why. However this year, from this particular tree (thanks Kathy), the greengages taste just like they were fresh picked, totally representative of the fruit, with their slight hint of acidity. I am delighted!

All done and dusted, benches laden just how I like it, Robert “slayed” me with that giant-killer: “Where are you going to put all these before the class on Saturday?” Hmmm, it’s a tough one as all the pantry shelves are full, and the linen press to boot.


I’m sure there is an answer, has to be. I will never, ever turn down seasonal produce.

By the way, in the foreground of the last photo – see how the apricots have risen in the jar? That’s because the fruit was a little too ripe. Fruit for bottling should always be just ripe for best appearance in the end product. Mind you, it doesn’t matter too much – you simply need to, in a couple of weeks’ time, turn the jars on their side and shake vigorously from side to side.

It’s like magic, the syrup moves in and around the fruit and they even themselves out in the jar.

Next to come – blood plum cordial, lots of it. Stephanie has at least a bucketful to spare for me. They make excellent jelly too…. more cupboard space to find, but absolutely worth it.

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