Working with those Wild Wet Hops

We’ve been experimenting with those wild green (wet) hops. The beer was ready for bottling within a very short space of time. A little taste of the liquid seems promising – a hint of hops but not too much.

Of course there are the dregs from the base of the barrel (known as trub). We poured these into jars for experimental baking sometime soon.


But then again, no time like the present and little to no patience, so I made a batch of spelt bread immediately. Its only raising agent was to be a cupful of the wet hop beer barrel’s dregs.

I was amazed how quickly the bread rose with a very promising aroma of hops emanating from the dough. All in all about 4 hours later from start to finish, the bread is baked. I only wish that I could convey the aroma in the house-  simply, hoppily stunning.

Non-alcoholic sparkling elderflower and also a batch of sparkling rhubarb needed to be bottled off as well. Just look at the beautiful pink liquid that has picked up the colour of the rhubarb! Both of theses drinks should be ready for a function here in the not too distant future.

Such lovely seasonal produce, the results of a little foraging in the Valley and a few simple pickings from the garden.


On a not so happy note, my rhubarb wine did not fare well I’m afraid, and went the way of the compost heap. However, Robert’s version is much better and was siphoned off this evening.

Another day of preserving tomorrow – lots to do!

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