Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

This year son Alistair and I were privileged to be asked to participate in the Family Dinner function at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Such an amazing Festival, fantastic ambience with incredible chefs everywhere.

The dish we prepared on the evening of April 3rd was Charcoal BBQ Chicken. The rub for the chicken was reminiscent of Paprika Chicken, a family favourite of decades – only a step upwards for sure. The cooked chicken portions were then tossed in a tasty Peach Barbecue Sauce.

Silik Pak was one of the accompaniments – made from pepitas, tomatillos, onions, garlic, lime juice and more.

Here from the Derwent Valley came Mangel Wurtzels, from which we developed a preserve especially for the event – Pickled Mangel Wurtzel slices.

Matched to all of this was delicious fried bread. The dish was very well received on the night, to say the very least.

They were a wonderful couple of days, certainly not soon to be forgotten.

(Photos by Daniel Mahon)

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