On a Molesworth cold and frosty morning

My goodness. Some of the many moods of Molesworth are on display this morning.

We woke up to minus 2 degrees and severe frost.

However, suddenly, about half and hour ago and within a matter of minutes, the fog lifted and the frost is now all but gone.

It’s always such an impressive sight as the sun evaporates the ice – lovely little wisps of steam rising all across the grass.

I took the opportunity meantime to boil up a batch of raspberry jam, made with the late autumn berries from Westerway Raspberry Farm that I purchased a couple of weeks ago.

I knew theoretically that the last picked berries of the season were the tastiest of all, but my goodness, I didn’t know the half of it, so delicious – full of flavour, just slightly and very pleasingly tart.

I think probably it’s the best flavoured raspberry jam I’ve ever made, bar none, courtesy of the quality of the fruit.

No doubt about Derwent Valley berries – beyond compare!

Incidentally, I’ve just replenished to jars of preserves on the stall at our gate – there’s now sweet chilli sauce, that fresh made (still warm) raspberry jam, kasoundi, tomato relish, various fruit syrups, quince jam, whisky marmalade, orange/lemon marmalade and more. All are made with Valley produce (except for the oranges).

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