Making and Baking Yeast Goods class

A Making and Baking Yeast Goods class here last Sunday. What a cold, foggy, frosty day it was!

The usual coffee and cake, which generally precedes a class by way of welcome, gave way to a slow cooker full of pea and ham soup, accompanied by fresh baked little, overnight ferment, wholemeal rolls (served with Tasmanian butter of course).

Before long, with the assistance of the enthusiastic people who attended, there was so much dough, bowls and bowls of it on the rise.

Courtesy of the warmth of Carmichael the old slow combustion stove, the mixtures were very enthusiastic and soon we were all making and shaping all sorts of goodies, both sweet and savoury.

You might note the difference in the colour of the Turkish breads – the lovely crispy brown one was baked in Carmichael for exactly the same amount of time as the others pictured were cooked in the electric oven. In my opinion there is nothing that can compare with the quality of baking in a wood burning slow combustion stove.

We baked along together for hours – pizzas, savoury scrolls, chelsea buns, little jaffa buns glazed with orange icing as they come from the oven and eaten warm with coffee.

Monkey bun of course, that lovely concoction with blackberry filled buns coated in salted caramel, then there was foccaccia and so much more.

The enticing aroma of yeast goods in the baking matched to the wonderful company of those who came along, it meant for us that it was the perfect “recipe” for a freezing cold winter’s day.


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