Cabbages everywhere …..

There’s no rest for the jam pans over winter, lots and lots to do.

First there was sauerkraut day. Last year I only made a few jars full, not nearly enough. Last week I bought 3 of the most beautiful cabbages for the purpose from SHV wholesalers. They were HUGE – each well over 4kg, and perfect for sauerkraut.

By the time I had finished, the crock was full and many 1 litre capacity jars besides. Should be enough for this year’s needs I think.

Mind you, the house kitchen was a mess as I stood back and surveyed it at the end. “Messy” doesn’t even begin to describe it. The benches were all covered with fine shreds of cabbage, stuck fast to the surfaces, and the tiles, and I suspect it’s likely there’s some on the ceiling.

In the meantime Alistair had given me some lovely fresh kefir grains. I’ve not been terribly successful with kefir before, but these are doing marvellously, probably because I’m paying them very close attention this time round.

Fearful that the different ferments would cross pollinate to their detriment, I had sauerkraut in the kitchen, kefir in my office and bread dough rising in the bedroom. A batch of sparkling gooseberry was relegated to the cooking school kitchen.

With all this segregation and separation, hopefully all will be fine.

Then it was back to pickling, with two fine specimens of red cabbage salting down at present, and their vinegar cooling on the stove.

Today it was kimchi preparation, only one cabbage worth, so not so much mess thank goodness.

No prizes for guessing what’s next ….. that 20kg of pickling onions is at the ready for peeling and subsequent pickling. Thank goodness Robert is self appointed peeler. There’s plenty of vinegar waiting on the table in the cooking school.

So that’s about it for this week’s produce. I wonder what I’ll be able to find to play with and process in the next few days ….

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