The new oven

OK, so after a few AMAZING days at the judging of the Tasmanian Fine Food Awards, it’s back home and baking/cooking.

I have to say I am delighted with Hester the new heater  – every day when I arrived home the house was toasty warm.

Plus, I barely turn on the electric cooktop or oven now.

Last night I cooked the first roast in Hester’s oven – a leg of lamb cooked to perfection, roasted root vegetables too, not to mention the BEST crunchy roasted potatoes.

Dinner this evening sorted, with a spiced pumpkin soup simmering on Hester’s top, along with a curry that has now been transferred to the oven to finish baking.

Poppy and Rose were unsure at first, looking up at the firebox as if there was something amiss (it’s higher than the old heater). However, they now realise that the tiles are delightfully warm – I think you can see Poppy ‘smiling’ in the photo.

Actually, Hester today received a ‘present’ for all this hard work – Robert built a new woodbox for the porch to keep the wood to feed her nice and dry.

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