Baking in Hester today

Just a little baking in Hester today.

Amongst other things, Morello cherry meringue pies, chicken, apricot and rosemary pastries (rather rustic) and bagels.

Half the bagels were sprinkled with sesame seeds, the rest, the darker ones, with a generous sprinkling of Tasmanian Pepperberry dust.

In fact all of dinner was cooked in the oven or on the stovetop – a range of roasted vegetables, plus a creamy mash and other fresh vegetables.

Only the pot of chooks’ vegetable scraps were cooked on the electric stove’s hotplate. That”s not allowed on Hester’s cooktop for fear of its spilling over, as often happens.

It’s such a luxury being able to bake any time I choose. without being concerned abut using extra power.

And at the same time, while all of this was going on, the house was toasty warm without the need for any extra fuel whatsoever.

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