Nan’s Sponge Cake

Again, allowed myself just a little baking today.

Sponge cake – I have never really been able to achieve one quite like my Nan used to make, with a lovely crispness to the crust, a really good crumb and that also rose really well.

Bit the proverbial bullet this morning and tried my recipe in Hester. Ridiculous to pace the floor while it baked – but I did, anxious to see if I could finally duplicate Nan’s version. I daren’t open the oven until cooking time was up, as she always admonished is necessary for sponges.

Here’s the end result. It can only be the fact that it was cooked in Hester with wood-fired heat.

I was so pleased it worked so well, as a dear friend was coming for morning tea. It was cooked and cooled just in time to be assembled as she walked down the driveway.

The little meringues in the foreground in the second photo – when those morello cherry meringue tarts were baked last week, I’d piped the last of that meringue mixture into small ‘stars’ on baking trays.

Since they were done, I’d stored them in an airtight container.

Joined together with whipped cream, they were my other Nan’s favourites.

Gotta love these old fashioned favourites

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