A welcome cooler day

A very welcome drop in temperature yesterday. I love summer for the produce it brings, especially here in the Valley, BUT give me a lovely cool, preferably winter, day anytime, when I can spend my time happily baking without sweltering.

Just such a day yesterday. Even Tom moved inside, spending 12 continuous hours curled up on his ‘blankie’ on the couch.

The cooler day meant I could light Hester again. Hooray! I needed to bake Anzac biscuits. They are a family tradition here – a large barrel full always has to be ready to hand (incidentally, of the crispy, crunchy kind).

They can be a little (more like a lot) fickle to bake, so hadn’t tried them in the Big Bakers Oven. I needn’t have worried, cooked better than in any electric oven.

Bread baked also of course – in this case a spelt/rye mix enriched with soy milk and molasses.

Bit too warm to light up Hester again today, most unfortunately. There are a few clouds promising clouds coming over so maybe later this afternoon ……. can but hope.

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