Menagerie in the Garden

Another day in the garden, so much to catch up on.

We do have some handsome helpers to keep us company as we work. They are quite a little ‘family’, each of them a great character in their own right.

Old ginger Tom of course is top of the list, ready to “help” at every turn.

He seems to have developed a great love for bird netting. Today we built a hoop house over an ailing lemon tree (hoping to encourage it to grow better).

Tom babysat the netting while all this happened, snuggled down into its haphazard folds – you can just see him in the photo.

Anyone who knows our Tom realises that’s he is not one to be disturbed lightly (he retaliates with a very lethal hook claw).

Still, disturb him we must, so we gently tipped him out, with him clinging to the edge and yowling crossly the whole time. His final protest was to lie on the edge once it was put in place, daring us to move him again from his beloved netting. (I don’t think so).

Poppy the puppy would like to help also, but being a dog of little brain, chased a bee instead and was stung for her trouble. Pretty miserable afterwards, but still went back to investigate more. Just as well the bee could only sting her once.

Supervising the proceedings was Rose in the hose. She thinks herself more a dog than a cat, has quite a superior air about her. And then there’s the ever curious Truffles checking out a lavender bush.

Ageing Terry, the most gentle natured rooster ever, helped with the overseeing.

This is the best time of year for the garden. It looks so green and lush before the summer heat tries to dry everything out.

There are lovely shaded walkways, flowers starting to bloom everywhere and herbs in profusion. I today counted 45 different herbs that have survived the icy cold of winter.

Certainly it’s high time to make mint sauce for the stall at our gate, as between the three beds there is at least a bucketful in tip top condition.

The absolute best part for me was, when weeding under the lime tree and sorting out the Vietnamese Mint, the aroma of the the Lily of the Valley that grows in the midst of it. No wonder it was my Nan’s favourite flower – its scent is incredible, reminded me of walking through her garden when I was a child.

Tomorrow there’s more to be done, more spring treasures to find. Hoping for rain tonight as watering will then be one less thing we need to do.

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