Cold weather continues …

Decided to make some hop potato yeast, the recipe for which was generously shared by a lady in the Derwent Valley. I am trying a gluten free version using buckwheat. There’s a little competition between the two happening on my bench top.

The buckwheat was much more active at the start, but has slowed down quite a bit. Thursday at the latest I will use each of these, after the second ferment of the process, to make a wheaten bread and a gluten free one.

On the subject of fermenting, I have a sparkling gooseberry now bottled off. It should be ready in a few days.

Then there’s the crock full of sauerkraut. I figured it was enough to justify a dedicated space on the kitchen bench – a fermenting corner if you will.

The lemons alongside in the bowl, small but tasty, I will later today use to start of a lemonade recipe (natural ferment), and a few more to go into a batch of sparkling elderflower.

Meantime, the desire to make slices has been sated. Blueberry custard slice, old fashioned raspberry shortbread, date and lemon slice and apple slice. For a savoury slant – the leftover egg yolks from the meringue topping for the raspberry slice, were made into a vegetarian quiche.

No more slices for a while.

Today it’s bread (foccaccia and an everyday spelt loaf) and scones to share with people who dropped by. Hester baked everything of course, and today warmed the apple slice to perfection, served with whipped cream of course.

Just another day in the kitchen. (Bliss)

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