After the rain…

It’s been a whirlwind week or two with cooking classes and farm visits here. Lovely people, every single one who came along.

Finally we have the much awaited, welcome rain. It has ended the necessity of watering vulnerable plants by hand morning and night, a two hour process at least.

The lovely shady walkways here look even better now,

and some plants have grown astronomically. Take the example of the asparagus in this photo. It never grew a stalk when we lived by the seaside, but strangely here it prospers – this is just a couple of days’ growth.

Basil has been happy of course, with the heat and the damp.

I was able to make a large batch of pesto this morning. Straight from garden to table – served with some homemade bread drizzled with olive oil. The remainder is now frozen in small containers, so convenient to pull out anytime for a quick snack.

The hop yeast plants are also thriving, even though they live inside, must be the warmth. There are two for rising regular bread, plus a gluten free version. You can see how active they are in their respective bottles. Some of the hop plant is now incorporated into the sponge stage (in the bowls), all ready for bread baking day tomorrow.

Incidentally, and on an entirely different subject, don’t suppose anyone knows where I could buy about 10kg local apples? I have a hankering to make a batch of cider.

Finally, how beautiful is this scene?  It’s the mist on the hills that formed, as it always does, after a spell rain.  Surely is an idyllic place, this Derwent Valley.

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