Ginger beer and ginger bugs – courtesy of ABC listeners

Let the ginger beer games begin!

The first two plants (“ginger bugs”) to the left are ones I had started before the ABC segment on Saturday. They are based on powdered ginger.

(The one labelled “Meg” came from an elderly lady about 45 years ago. It was in Robert’s old handwritten recipe book that he had when we were first married).

However, as each stage of processing generally means lessening of nutrients at least to some degree, I wanted to make a brew based on fresh green ginger root.

And so the first of the listeners recipes is started. There’s chiilies there for the one that included them in the mix.

I thought I had ample bottles for all, but maybe not, since the cider I bottled off last night used more than expected.

Never mind, I will purchase more later in the week in readiness for trying all the other listener recipes. Many thanks to everyone who rang them in or have since sent them to me.

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