Summer cider

No sun here today but abominably hot. I guess it’s not all bad though.

Cider, made from those apples I obtained from Kingston Farmers Market, has now been bottled. Due to the warmth, after only a few days it is starting to bubble.

I’m not sure what type of apples they are, but the colour of the cider is magnificent, a lovely rose pink. I’ll post a photo of the finished product bubbling away in a glass when it’s ready.

I found the juice quite sweet after the boiling of the apple pieces, so added the juice of a lemon to give an edge of tartness.

(The recipe is in “A Year on the Farm”)

The ginger beer plants are starting to work also, hooray. One way and another there’s going to be quite a lot to drink around here pretty soon.

However, poor old ginger Tom is not impressed with the heat, getting crotchety in fact, so has opted to lie under and smooch through the cat mint bush. Funny old man. I’ll just leave him to it until his mood settles.

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