Ginger beer and Blueberries

With two batches bubbling away nicely, time to trial another ginger beer recipe today. Here are the notes I jotted down as ABC listener Marion dictated this very old recipe to me. Sounds really good – and easy.

A little while ago Robert came in and declared that a little bird had told him that these were ready in the garden, the very first of the blueberry crop. (Translated this means that the birds are making a feast of them).

Never mind, there were enough there to bake a batch of blueberry and apple muffins. I make them dairy free, using olive oil instead of butter and coconut milk instead of cow’s milk.

They are also flavoured with lovely grown lemons, a gift from a friend.

I will put some packets of the muffins on the stall at the gate.

Speaking of which, I am about to make fresh raspberry jam, tomato relish and barbecue sauce. They won’t be ready to put out there until later this afternoon however.

Later today – a real treat by way of produce will be arriving. I will post a photo of these later. An unusual but delicious preserve can be made from them.

Oh yes, quite aside from this, the jostaberries here are ripe for the picking, as are the gooseberries.

Time to pull out the copies of “A Year in a Bottle” or “Complete Preserves” to be sure!

For now, before I allow myself to start cooking, there’s beans to be planted. Marigolds also, in the raspberry patch, to try to keep down the twitch grass. I was doubtful at first about this tip but now that the marigolds we originally planted are flowering, it seems to be working. Amazing. Great tip Peter Cundall.

Something I have discovered by accident – to do with spiders. Each day the house and cooking school need cobwebs swept away. Diligent little things those black spiders, incredible what they can create overnight.

However, along one side of the cooking school there are flourishing Tasmanian Pepperberry bushes, loaded with berries. Barely a spiders web forms on the wall behind them. Strange but true. Do they exude an aroma that the spiders find distasteful? One of nature’s mysteries.

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