Awash with ginger beer

The ginger beer saga continues ….

The first batch was bottled off today. In 3 or 4 days it should be ready, especially given the forecast high temperatures. That should move the process along.

Tomorrow another plant will be ready to strain and divide to make another batch.

Meanwhile, out in the cooking school kitchen, Robert is back in the old routine of washing bottles in readiness for siphoning off his (alcoholic) brew in the morning.

If all these recipes work, there will be a glut of ginger beer here in the hills of Molesworth.

If one of the batches works rather too well and a loud bang or two is heard from our direction, you will know that it’s just the bottles exploding….

Best I leave them to mature in the shed I think. They are experimental after all.

Meanwhile there are more batches to be made from other recipes kindly rung in by ABC listeners – gradually working my way through them all.

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