Blackcurrants – jam and jelly

Doesn’t time whizz by in summer? Took time out from preserving to go to the Taste Festival.

It was just wonderful so many tastings, so much that was very good indeed to eat. Some great things to drink also. Best Taste Festival yet.

Today it’s back to the old routine – up early to pick our blackcurrants. I had thought to leave the rest for the little birds and chooks. (Robert had already picked quite a few kilos).

When we went down to inspect the bushes however, it was obvious that this would be a wicked waste. There were still several kilos there for the picking, even with allowing ample for the birds to feed on.

The jam is now made, jelly half made and many kilos in the fridge, keeping company with 5 kilos of jostaberries from the last picking. Freezer space is becoming an issue.

What to do? They are all a bit fresh to make cordial; pectin levels still too high and the cordial might therefore tend to set.

A solution, almost forgotten. Decades ago I used to preserve blackcurrants – Fowlers/waterbath method style. That will hold them in suspended animation almost indefinitely.

That’s the project for later today. They have to wait in a queue – there’s two preservers of bottled apricot halves being processed at present.

Now, just ginger beer to go this evening. Then tomorrow morning, up early to pick the remaining two bushes of blackcurrants.

By the way, I am very pleased with the blackcurrant jam. I know, I know, that self praise is no recommendation but this jam is really something, courtesy of the quality of the fruit.

Robert likes it so much that he was a bit disgruntled when I put some out on the stall just now, but really there is plenty. I can spare just a few jars for the purpose.

The jam is so intensely flavoured that only a little in needed on a slice of bread, toast or a fresh baked scone.

Soon there will be plums arriving, fantastic.

No wonder time seems to whizz past so rapidly.

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