School holiday fun

School holidays are always fun when grandchildren come to visit.

Yesterday was no exception. Jacob arrived ravenously hungry, as is the way with boys his age, so Charly and I set to work making a double batch of mini quiches.

Next, Grandad and Jacob came in from the garden with fresh zucchinis – could we please make their personal favourite, zucchini slice? Of course – this is what Charly is mixing here.

Scones and jam and cream soon followed.

The day was made even better by visits from friends.

Meanwhile in the cooking school the benches are covered with the last few days’ preserving efforts.

It’s very satisfying, but one small issue – finding pantry space for all these jars before the Preserves class of this coming Saturday.

Aside from this, the Morello cherry beer is soon to be bottled off – it will be interesting to see how this flavours up. We are very happy with the raspberry beer, though this one is made from a slightly different recipe….. a few weeks’ time we will find out.

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