A semi-rainy day in the Valley

Same occupation, another location. Did a little babysitting at Charly’s house today while her mum went to an appointment.

The temptation to bake became too strong and before long Charly and I were beating up a batter for cupcakes.

How to bake them? No need to use the oven. A few weeks ago I found this benchtop cupcake maker for her at an op shop. It is really excellent.

Charly and I are given to experimentation, working with whatever is at hand. Today – black and red currants were found in Stephanie’s freezer, so into the batter they went.

Then we added a rather unusual but secret (natural) ingredient. It made the cupcake mixture taste like fruit sherbert. Just delicious. Goodness knows why, it was a combination we found by chance. You can see by Charly’s face how impressed she was with her creation.

Once home, it finally rained. The ducks are more ecstatic than we are, and that’s saying something. Milly Molly and Mandy were out for a stroll under the trees that were dripping with all the moisture, loving every minute.

So all things considered, another lovely day here in this little corner of the Valley.

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