Baking Day with Charly

Spent some time with lovely granddaughter Charly today. No question about how to spend the time. Baking!

She made up her own recipe for a two tone (pink and green) marbled cake that she decided to bake for a friend.

The cake tin we used looks a bit quirky, which it is. I bought it recently from an op shop for just this reason. Charly asked if it was a diamond or a squished triangle. Fair question I think – sort of does your head in looking at it after a while.

The cake received a generous coating of fresh raspberry jam once baked.

Marshmallow was the icing of choice, and so my old Kenwood Chef got to have a workout.

Suitably coloured and the cake decorated, Charly and I were wearing more than a little of the marshmallow but it was more than worth it.

Great fun in the kitchen with her as always.

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