Bottling class tomorrow – produce at hand

All produce present and correct for the Bottling class tomorrow.

The zucchini will need to be picked from the garden first thing though, and the recently picked blackcurrants are in the freezer, waiting conversion to a special cordial concentrate. (This is a great recipe for when shelf space is becoming scarce).

I was so happy to get the Mangel Wurzels. Many thanks to the lovely Derek for providing enough for the class. When I first tasted these a couple of years ago, I was simply amazed.

I’ve loved them ever since, devoting a recipe and a full page photo of them in “A Kitchen in the Valley”.

Since I’ve been pickling them, I appreciate them all the more. They truly are delicious, unique yet versatile.

Earlier in the week we went on a produce finding mission for the class, up through the Valley to see what might be found.

A generous person at Glenora had put out paper bags of plums on a barrow, with a sign that said “Free”. We got chatting with this lovely lady, and soon I had many bags full of plums, which we picked together from a tree in her yard.

Next – went to buy some Moor Park apricots from Granton. Many thanks to Skye who took such care to pick them at the perfect stage of ripeness for bottling (just ripe, which means they will have great texture and flavour once preserved).

Beautiful tomatoes from Cracknell’s will be semi-dried and preserved in olive oil by a special recipe, as well as being bottled for future pasta sauces and the like.

Sweet cherries of the Valley arrived just today – they will be pickled and spiced in the morning.

Recipes done, bottles and jars stand at the ready. For me, it should be a very good day indeed.

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