Rhubarb time

Meanwhile this morning, before the heat of the day (in theory), it was time to harvest rhubarb.

The netting has worked a treat, no possum or wallaby attack. I could hardly believe it when we pulled the nets back. It seems to be the only way to go.

Old ginger Tom always protests when we have the audacity to change something within his domain. He was furious as we were cutting the rhubarb stalks – how dare we! (His tantrum when we recently trimmed his cat mint and cat grass was something to behold).

We pressed on regardless however, with Tom stubbornly staying under a pile of rhubarb leaves until he became over-heated.

Eventually, finally, a large clothes basket was filled to overflowing. We estimate that there was about 15kg in all, maybe more.

It took quite some washing and chopping!

It’s now in jars being processed. It’s pretty satisfying to have three large preservers full of lovely fresh-from-the-garden-today rhubarb. (It’s great for breakfast and desserts).

MInd you, it’s renowned for rising in the jars as it’s being processed, but that’s ok. Give it a couple of weeks, then I will shake the jars vigorously from side to side and the pieces will disperse themselves evenly in their surrounding liquid.

I just noticed that the Tasmanian Pepperberries are darkening by the minute. We will need to start picking them tomorrow, such a bumper crop this year.

Not complaining … it’s just so nice to have produce that has survived the odds: possums, potoroos, intense heat, limited water, invading insects…..

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