Greengages 101

Yesterday was a great day for us.

We were offered (by the lovely Patrice) to come and pick a tree full of greengages in her garden. This is not just any tree, but a decades old beauty that, we soon found, produces the most wonderful, tasty, juicy fruit.

“Pick all you think you can use” she said. This is an invitation too good to refuse. Before long we had great tubs full.

Home in the afternoon, we began the preserving. They are easy to do, no need to remove the stones, in fact best not to or they can lose their shape.

We continued this morning and here we have it – Greengages 101…. There are truly 101 jars of them preserved by the old Fowlers (waterbath) method.

The final two kilos were turned into greengage jam.

There were just a handful that were a little too ripe for either, so Robert took them down to dear old toothless Ramekin (our resident ram). He sucked them down with gusto. This morning however he expected more and stomped the ground in annoyance when none were on offer.

Meanwhile, out on the stall at our gate, there are zucchinis fresh picked from our garden. If you would like one, they are free of charge.

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