And then there was pizza galore!

What have I missed most through all these weeks of not cooking?

BAKING BREAD! It’s my most favourite thing of all to do.

I am stretching the proverbial elastic to be doing this quite so soon, but with family coming for dinner tonight, and with Hester still burning brightly, it was the perfect opportunity to make pizza, lots of it.

Robert did all the chopping and lifting of trays and so before long, there was ample for all, as well lots of leftovers for the family to take home.

I think Americans refer to tray bakes so I adopted this principle. Grandchildren Charly and Jacob like different flavours, so the pizzas were prepared in strips – from Hawaiian to Pumpkin and feta, Margherita and all sorts of meaty mixtures – pepperoni, pepper and olives, classic meat eaters and so on.

Just the thing for hungry children following the afternoon’s exploring the hillsides here at Molesworth.

It was also a good opportunity for we adults to try out as an accompaniment the cherry stout Robert made a while ago, and also the highly experimental (but as it turns out delicious) Mangel Wurzel beer.

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