The Pets of the Farm

It’s been interesting, with all this sitting about, to watch the interaction between our pampered pets.

The primary source of amusement is the relationship between old ginger Tom and poor little Puppy Poppy. I don’t think either of them has read the rule book about cat and dog behaviour.

Tom is most definitely the king of the castle here. I think it has something to do with his sharp hook claw, always at the ready to attack.

As the photos show, he helps himself to Poppy’s food despite the fact that he has a veritable smorgasbord of cat food options available to him at all times, day and night.

Poppy sits and watches forlornly while he feasts on her biscuits. This happens very often indeed, as does Tom stealing her basket for a nap in the sun.

Then there is the contest of the Robert’s lap, where at times Tom allows her to also sit but it’s an uneasy truce. She must always be on guard though, in case he chooses to dismiss her with that claw in her rump at a moment’s notice.

Occasionally he will allow her to share the couch. No wonder he looks so happy. It’s a far cry from his feral days – he sure knows how to live life to best advantage now.


Rosie the cat is happy just to have the heater, preferably not to share. When we took her for her annual vet check today, we were told she is a bit too fat. I’m sure I can’t understand why….

Through it all dear little Truffles likes nothing better than to curl up content on the bed in the sunshine.

Many of the chickens that were hatched here a few weeks ago have gone to good homes. I do miss one of them in particular – a little white one, full of mischief and very interactive with us. She (or maybe it’s a he) is so fast on its feet that its new owner has christened it “Mazda”.

Such a passing parade of characters, so much fun to watch.

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