Quinces abound!

Oh no! I’m out of jars! Not a single new one to be found, not even any I can re-use and recycle.

Thankfully there was enough for this batch of quince jelly, but there’s loads more quinces to be processed over the next week. I’ll need to make a trip to the bottle and jar supplier for sure.

With this wonderful abundance of quinces, I’ve decided to put some products out on the stall at our gate. For the moment, just a jar or two of the jelly.

There are little tubs of quince paste and now some toffee quinces. If you’ve not tried these, they are very rich, a real treat. You only need a small amount – they can be served with ice cream or custard (my favourite) or even sliced thinly and served on pumpernickel with a well-flavoured blue cheese.

I did promise myself I’d do no cooking today, but already I know I lied. I’ve set up a couple of small slow cookers in a quiet corner on the kitchen bench. They contain kibbled rye and steel cut (pin-head) oats that will be incorporated into another batch of pumpernickel. I just cook the grains in water very slowly for a few hours, softens them up beautifully.

Idyllic day in the Valley, no need for the wood-fired oven.

Great time to set up the slow cookers though (I only have about 12 at the moment). will fill them all with quinces, poaching them in just a little sugar syrup then freeze them for pies, tarts and cakes during the year.

No better season than autumn!

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