Sunday Afternoon Baking

Tonight’s dinner in the making – spiced rolled beef roast for main course, with accompaniments of roasted vegetables, all the usual suspects, and little carrot and parsley pillows. Fresh spinach straight from the garden as well.

For dessert – red wine and spice poached pears, simmered slowly on the cooktop. These were served with a homemade honey and vanilla ice cream.

It’s been a bit of a cupcake couple of days. Today, dairy free pear and blueberry muffins, and a day or so ago – school holiday fun with granddaughter Charly. At her instigation rich coffee cupcakes with a coffee butter cream, and then a caramel version.

This evening Hester is still at work. After simmering quinces on and off for two days, the final stage of quince jelly is in progress and is on course for being bottled off before bedtime.

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