The Battle of the Gourd

What do you do when you can’t cut it in the kitchen? Roast it in Hester.

I was given a magnificent, huge gourd by our friend in Bushy Park. I tried valiantly to cut it into chunks today but it was no use.  You can see the knife mark where I tried.

I found a baking dish large enough to contain it whole, added a splash of olive oil and left it in the oven for about an hour.

It turned out to be really delicious when the crispy browned skin was peeled back.

For dinner this evening, as one of the vegetable accompaniments, the seeds were removed and the hollow filled with garlic and parsley butter. More like an appetiser really I suppose, as we dipped smallish chunks of bread into the tasty butter and then piled some of the soft gourd flesh on top.

Pretty yum. Good old Hester.

(The sheep will enjoy finishing off the skin as a breakfast treat tomorrow, not a scrap will go to waste)

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