Quince Honey

Pretty and pink in the morning sun here at Molesworth. This is the quince honey I made yesterday.

It may well be a new addiction. I love the texture, more robust than jelly and lighter than quince jam. It has set enough to dollop onto a scone or toast. It could even be used instead of quince paste on a cheese platter.

I will put a few jars out on the stall at our gate (179 Wyre Forest Rd, Molesworth)

That will give me reason enough to make more.

Many thanks to our friend Judy Robertson who shared her generations old, gem of a recipe with me, plus a lovely load of quinces from her tree.

Quince Honey

5lbs quinces
5lbs sugar
2 pints water

Peel and grate the quinces. Boil sugar and water. Add grated quince. Boil 20 minutes.


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