The saga of the quinces continues

With a bit of a nip in the air, wood-fired Hester is hard at work, in fact there is a queue for her services.

New carpet is at last being laid in the cooking school (after recent flooding), and so soon the school will be in full swing again.

Scones for the carpet layers first on the list then. Next, a loaf of oat and milk bread for lunch.

There’s pumpkin and sweet potato chunks waiting to go into the oven when the bread comes out. These will for part of a salad that will be topped with feta. Some will be held back for quiches.

There will be space above them to caramelise the skins of the capsicums, eggplants and chillies for making Ajvar this afternoon.

The stovetop is still in quince mode – toffee quinces, diced quinces on their way to being turned into quince curd, and hot buttered quinces (a recipe from friends Stan and Daniela). This is the first stage of cooking in progress.

Hardly surprisingly, there are shards of quince skin everywhere in the kitchen.

Soup for lunch is taking a turn on the stovetop, then there will be lots more to follow, like another batch of quince honey and mushrooms to pan fry for some little mushroom tarts.

All that before the gearing up for cooking dinner.

Poppy is not altogether helpful but is happily sleeping in her basket, her most favourite place of all on a chilly day.

One thought on “The saga of the quinces continues

  1. jenny cogan says:

    sally could you forward your recipe for ajvar-unless its in one of your cookbooks,but I haven’t seen it.
    sounds yummy as always.


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