Shades of Autumn captured in Jelly

Reflecting the autumn leaves’ colour of the tree behind them, here are quince jellies from three different batches.

The furthest left was made from quinces more than three weeks from the tree. Pectin levels drop once they are picked, so the mixture needed boiling a little longer to setting point, deepening the colour.

The second and third were made much sooner after the quinces were picked. Perhaps the colour variation between them is because they are different varieties.

In each of the jellies the flavour of quince is very pronounced, but the darkest one is very intense indeed.

Number one and three – I will put some jars out on the stall at our gate. The second (middle jar) – perhaps you can see the knife marks in it. It’s the last jar of that batch unfortunately.

More quinces to experiment with today, excellent!

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