Just Another Day on the Farm

Just the usual here today really – a bit of cooking, a bit of outside work.

There’s the Ajvar ingredients to have their skins blackened, meatball mixture that needs cooking, and mushrooms to braise, not to mention the finishing off of the hot buttered quinces.

Robert is never happier than when he’s digging, so he is currently tending to the chooks’ winter comfort. Over at the ‘Hen Hilton’, the old litter has been removed and has gone the way of the compost heaps.

Robert is replacing it so they are nice and warm and clean over winter. He only has about 6 more of their ‘apartments’ to go.

Poppy went with him to collect the necessary pine bark. No surprises then that she is now exhausted from the effort. She demanded her basket be placed in front of Hester so she can sleep for the next few hours. She certainly is a dog of little energy.

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