Family Dinner in May

Great to spend time with family today. Granddaughter Freya loves muffins, so we took her some dairy-free banana and blueberry variety for her morning tea.

Another batch, also cooked in the wood-fired Hester – this time toffee quince with blueberry, for family coming to visit later in the day.

Two more of the families came this afternoon. With both sons-in-law kindly doing the mowing for us, time and reason enough to cook up a storm for dinner.

It also provided the opportunity to put three of the slow cookers to good use. From”Ultimate Slow Cooker” a double batch of Asian-Style Steamed Buns were made, and also Asian Five Spice Pork Belly.

On a different cultural note, meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce, pull-apart savoury loaves, garlic bread (very capably prepared by granddaughter Charly), creamy garlic-infused mashed potatoes, buttery peas and fresh salad leaves from the garden.

Needles to say, we were all too full for dessert.

Just the sort of day I love.

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