There’s Cider to be Made

It’s juicing and cider making day here tomorrow, and just about everything is good to go.

The apples we picked on Tuesday are standing at the ready, as is the old press, a gift from a friend, and a ‘scratter’ made this week by son-in-law Nat.

Of course everyone who comes along to watch or help needs to be fed along the way. Traditionally here it is pizzas by the dozen.

Herman the outdoor oven has been lit, and despite the rainy weather is chugging along nicely. By tomorrow the temperature will be perfect for baking all day long.

The cooking school space is finally functional again, after recent flood damage.

By the end of the day much of the bench space will be covered with barrels of cider fermenting away, and preserving outfits filled with bottles of fresh apple juice, which will then keep for at least a year.

There’s scrumpy to be made, mint jelly to boil up and bottle and I guess much more besides.

All in all, the day is shaping up very well.

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