Cider Making Day Gone Awry

So the cider making day began well. Robert and Rob chopped apples for hours, the scratter worked a treat for Nat, and the press performed well as always.

Robert’s cat Rosie was not at all keen on the noise and commotion and sat at a distance on her seat on the ride-on mower.

However, by lunch time the power was out.

That very quickly curtailed the activity, though 2 barrels of juice were pressed before it happened.

Thank goodness for wood-fired stoves and ovens!! Outside Herman cooked loads of pizzas for lunch and later in the day, with the leftover dough and assorted toppings, a super-large one was made in Hester’s oven in the house.

With no hot water in the fading light of the day, Hester is multi-tasking again, this time heating jam pans full of water to do the mountain of washing up, while at the same time boiling the kettle for a long-awaited cup of tea.

Great fun nevertheless, with the possible exception of the cooking school’s taking on some water damage overnight, again. Nothing could withstand the strength of that downpour!

One thought on “Cider Making Day Gone Awry

  1. Lesley says:

    Been thinking of you all in Molesworth and wondering if you had been affected by the storms and floods. Thank goodness for your wood fired stoves and heaters.


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