Artichokes and Cider

About this time last year we made one of our regular trips to the Bushy Park Market (love this place!).

We bought a small packet of Jerusalem artichokes to enjoy as part of dinner that night.

“I’ll just plant a couple of those small ones. ” said Robert, helping himself to a few crowns.

Well they have grown into humungous plants and are now ready for harvesting. These trayfuls came from just two of them this morning. Fantastic!

I wonder is there any way to preserve them – pickled perhaps?

Meanwhile, back in the laundry, the apple cider is bubbling away. We woke this morning to a very pleasant and promising apple-ferment aroma all through the house.

There’s a bit of a race going on with these ferments – Robert has used different cider yeasts by way of performance comparison. These two kegs in the corner are the odds-on favourites for being first to the finish post of bottling.

There should be some good cider sampling to be done here before too much longer.

One thought on “Artichokes and Cider

  1. Tamsin Adams says:

    Wowsers, that is a lot of artichokes. We have tried them a few ways, roasted, cheesey bake, souped. but we can only handle so many and the rest we tend to replant and giveaway. Pickled would be an interesting way. Would love to know how you go with anything else. Have fun, Cheers Tamsin.


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