Apple Juicing and Cider-ing at Molesworth

Update on the cider making – after the proceedings were interrupted by power failure on Friday, an extra day was needed to finish the juicing.

With the flood damage minimal to the cooking school this time round, we were able to go ahead on Saturday morning.

Friends and family arrived early and by day’s end around 200 litres of juice had been extracted from the apples.

Five fermenters of cider-in-the-making are now sitting on the benches in the laundry, competing for space amongst other cooking equipment. They will benefit the warmth of the wood heater that spreads into there from our living area.

In the cooking school – dozens of bottles and jars of pure apple juice have been preserved in the Fowlers Vacola. I am looking forward serving this, iced, to people in the classes in the cooking school – it truly is delicious.

There is also a bucketful of the juice being converted (I hope) to a good quality apple cider vinegar.

Grandchildren Jacob and Charly enjoyed the day too I think, hiking over to the waterfall and then back home to toast marshmallows in Herman.

The sheep and chickens surely enjoyed the by-product of the juicing. There’s a photo here of the apple’ cake’ left over from the pressing, several barrows full in the end.

Many thanks to all those who came to help us out with all of this in the challenging conditions of the past few days (and apologies to the men, all of whom I suspect ended up with blisters on their hands from chopping all those apples).

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