Medlar PIcking Therapy

With the sad loss of Ramekin a few days ago, it was good to get out into the fresh air and sunshine once more.

Yesterday was the day for the annual pilgrimage to our generous friend Kaye’s medlar tree. What a wonderful crop this year!

Kaye and her friend Lizzie (pictured here), had picked up many before we arrived, but there were hundreds more hidden in the grass under the tree, perfect specimens. They were so sheltered there that some had even begun to “blet” (that process so very necessary before making the specialty-of-the-house medlar liqueur).

Three boxes full later, we were ready to head for home, but not before one of Kaye’s delicious afternoon teas.

Oh yes, and there was a tree full of ripe Sturmer apples, such beautiful flavour. “Would we like some of those as well?” asked Kaye. My goodness yes! Lots of apple sauce will be made from those.

We had used all the Granny Smiths we picked a couple of weeks ago in cider and preserved apple juice.

Speaking of which, Robert is just bottling the last of the cider today. The boxes of filled bottles, all 15 of them, are sitting by Hester, giving them a kick-start of warmth before being stored in the shed to finish their fermenting.

And speaking of Hester- on the stovetop are two simmering sisters of sauce – Worcestershire and Barbecue. I am finding that the long slow cooking there develops the flavours really well – robust, rounded and delicious. Some bottles of each of these will go out to the stall at our gate, and more to a market in a few weeks’ time.

I will admit that the whole house smells like a giant pot of pickle. It was very necessary to shut the bedroom doors so out clothes don’t end up carrying that aroma for some time to come.


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