Hester Ailing??

Hester’s been a bit sluggish for a few days. Whatever on earth was going on?

‘She’ was slow to burn, comparatively anyway, and even sent puffs of smoke out the door when it was opened to put in more wood.

This morning Robert found the issue. It was not with poor Hester at all, but rather a part of the flue that was malfunctioning up on the roof.

Robert attended to it immediately and now Hester is back to her old self, making up for lost time in fact.

Today I spent some time making cheese – Halloumi, feta and also mascarpone. All milk and cream was heated on the stovetop, while, raspberry jam boiled very nicely, as well as a rich tomato sauce for pizzas.

Thick chunks of pumpkin were simultaneously caramelised in the oven, while a dinner of patties (rissoles) in gravy simmered away on another shelf.

Bubble and squeak of leftover pumpkin/potato mash and fresh garden greens completed ‘her’ afternoon’s work.

It’s so good to have the BBO working at full capacity again.


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