A Market at Primrose Sands

Invited to a market at Primrose Sands yesterday so we headed out very early. On board were jam pans of bread dough ready to make foccaccia when we arrived, and the 16 litres of spiced pumpkin soup made the day before on Hester.

(There were a lot of requests from people at the market for the recipe for Focaccia, which I will post in a few minutes).

Met a lovely man in the kitchen, John, who turned out delicious scones by the score.

As is the way of community markets, there are always treasures to be found. This is one of the best – an old mixing bowl for a mere $1.

The lovely ladies on the stall that sold it to me related how their Nan had always used it to make the family’s Christmas puddings. That makes it very special indeed. There’s many a pudding that will be mixed in it here from now on in.

Back here at home the mists of the Valley continue to be captivating. I love to watch them sweep up around our house each morning, very often leaving in their wake a dusting of frost and lovely sunny days.

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