The “Slug” Tin

I really love a good baking tin, especially anything old and/or a bit different.

For a few weeks now I’d been eyeing off an intriguing tin in an op shop. Strange looking thing with its two halves sticky-taped together, giving it a good likeness to a large garden slug or slater. I couldn’t decide if it was worth buying – it wasn’t the $5 price tag, it was the mechanics of the thing.

Finally this week I bought it. The lovely lady in the op shop said she thought you could use it as a whole to make an interestingly shaped loaf of bread. Then again, perhaps it would be better to use the two halves individually to make separate loaves.

What’s more – if a whole loaf was made, how could you know when the bread had risen and filled the upper half in order to get a full loaf when baked?

Experimentation time – it worked both ways, fantastic! I just took a guess at when the larger loaf might have been adequately risen.

The bread was really moist with great texture, so now it has joined the tumble and jumble of baking tins on the shelves in the cooking school.

Those shelves may look a bit untidy, but I love having everything I might need at my fingertips so that I can just bake whatever I fancy whenever I please.

(By the way, if anyone should know the name of this type of tin, I would love to know.)

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