A Morning Tea Platter for Sharing

I tend to get inordinately (and arguably illogically) fond of different pieces of cooking equipment, mixing bowls, rolling pins and platters.

The white platter shown here is a current favourite for a weekly morning tea, filled each time with something hopefully tasty, slightly decadent and most importantly delicious to share with friends.

Old fashioned favourites are my preference – last week little jelly cakes, their outer coating made tastier by the addition of a dash of homemade raspberry cordial syrup.

This morning – fruit tartlets with four different fillings: apple, morello cherry, apricot or greengage. To accompany them, a warm egg custard of dolloping consistency, topped with a sprinkling of nutmeg.

Looking for suggestions for filling the white platter for next week’s morning tea …….

One thought on “A Morning Tea Platter for Sharing

  1. jan2132Jan says:

    The slice with base, raspberry jam and topping of desiccated coconut mixed with beaten egg. Midget rock cakes were a fvourite in my family. Mushroom tarts made by mum for special occasions. Very short pastry, difficult to roll, liltle mushroom stalks . Jam in tart and an icing made of whipped butter and icing sugar. Beaten for ages in days before Kitchen aid and Kenwood.


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