Eggs and Burgers

I would be lost without the Big Bakers Oven in the house.

I was way too tired to cook dinner after a really busy class here today. However, in the fridge I had some hamburger mixture left over from yesterday.

Found a muffin tin, divided the mixture up and almost literally threw the tray into the BBO oven and hoped for the best.

Good old Hester, in about ten minutes they were cooked through.

By now inspired, I used four more of the muffin holes to cook some eggs, not knowing if that would work either.

Of course it did. Both eggs and burgers were cooked to perfection.

There’s only one tray to wash up, merely wipe out really.

Served with reheated vegetables (also in Hester’s oven), dinner was done in a trice with a minimum of mess – no greasy frying pan above all else.

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